Systems Survey

The Systems Survey:

            What is the Systems Survey?  What can I expect to get from this process?

            The Systems Survey is the result of the collaboration of two nutritional pioneers of the 20th century – Melvin Page, DDS and Royal Lee, DDS. Your responses to the array of questions they designed allow you to voice your symptoms and health concerns. The symptoms are grouped together to discover foundational or root causes of health issues rather than focus on individual symptoms. The intent is to help balance your body’s chemistry through whole-food nutritional support. Real, whole-food nutrition provides the body with the needed raw materials to help balance body chemistry. The data you provide through your answers will be tallied by an analytical computer program and then translated into an understandable format. 

            You will receive a report of findings that will provide you with a list and schedule of supplements that were selected based upon your responses to the questions.  The report also includes a list and explanation of body systems (i.e. liver, digestive, cardio, etc) in order of importance. It provides nutritional support to help balance the systems’ chemistry and function.

            As you work with Good Health Naturally providers and follow the recommendations for supplements, diet, and other health practices (i.e. chiropractic adjustments, massage, exercise), you will notice a gradual, progressive sense of increasing vitality and sense of well being.  That is why we recommend filling out the Systems Survey periodically to help fine tune and guide the nutritional support your body needs for ongoing balance and health.  Achieving good health is not a destination, but rather a journey and you will have support and encouragement along the way.

The food supply from grocery stores does not contain the nutritional qualities they used to have even 20 years ago.  Plus, toxicity and certain conditions can interfere with our absorption of foods, so supplementation is often a valuable contributor to good health!



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